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Tom Gueant


‘’I was just a child with a dream...
I want the children be convinced that the dreams can come true!
Michael PHELPS

(Best swimmer of all time: 36 world records and 19 gold medals at the Olympics)


For me, golf is all about rhythm.
It is to give rhythm to his game, his steps, his blows.
It is also taking a rhythm of life.
Every minute of my day is programmed for studies, golf training, physical, mental, rest and moments of relaxation...
All this allows me to project myself, to dream...
But above all, I seek the real pleasure of playing: in my opinion, this is the best way to reach the heights.
Pleasure can simply be good ball contact, visualizing the best trajectory, watching my ball reach my goal.
To feel that I am progressing training after training, competitions after competitions.
It all started when I was 2 years old. It was a click, instantly.
Since then, I have experienced extraordinary things, but also hardships.
It taught me the real values.
And above all to give REAL meaning to MY life.
I know where I want to go and I give myself the means.
Golf is the adventure of MY life.
And the competition, I love that.
I never lose, either I win or I learn. It also makes me travel around the world, meet other players with other cultures, other ways of living my sport, my passion. I love playing in a team, FOR a team, it allows you to share great emotions.
I am sure, I was born to play golf.
It's all this that makes golf the rhythm of my life.

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My story

I am the result of a genetic union between my mom and my dad whose result is my arrival on this planet on August 27, 2001 in Grenoble (France) at 6:45 p.m. with a weight of 9 lb 5 7/8 oz and a height of 22 inches.

I completely discovered golf by chance at the age of 2 at the Uriage golf course where my parents had gone for lunch with friends. It seemed fun and easy to get this little ball in the hole even if it was far away...
Before I was 3 years old, seeing that I was having fun, my parents bought me small Cleveland clubs. They wanted to register me at the Uriage golf school but told them that it was not a daycare center and that they did not take children before the age of 8 and that it was like that in all France…
Then, one day, when I was three years old, they took me to the Charmeil golf course so that I could try out my little cart that they had just bought in a big sports store.
There, there was a competition for 10/15 year olds, I wanted to do it. So my dad asked Arnaud Criner if he could take me to golf school. As Arnaud saw that I wanted to play golf with my bag and my cart, he asked my dad how old I was, he replied "uh.. 5 years old !! "...
Arnaud offered to take me for a try at golf school even if he thought 5 years old was really young but as he saw me putting, chipping... having a blast...
And of course, he kept me and so it was thanks to Arnaud that I was able to start golf!!
Of course, my dad then told him that I was only 3 years old... and I think Arnaud still can't believe it...
Unfortunately, he left, it's really a shame.
I also had Colette Olivard as a teacher, really very nice, she called me "the phenomenon" but I don't know why...

Then Jimmy May arrived without hurrying, good Jimmy with his cart and golf clubs...

2 years later at 5 years old, I did my first world championships at Pinehurst in the USA and it was really there that I decided that I wanted to do this all my life... I did 5 in a row always finishing 1st European...

I stayed at Golf de Charmeil until December 2009. We were lured to Evian Golf by promising me many things that never happened. . before making us understand 2 years later, that we were no longer welcome...

I then heard about an extraordinary training center, the Golf Flower in Mionnay. It had just been inaugurated. So I wanted to go see and there, I fell in love, as Quebecers say, with this incredible place. After spending the day there having fun, I said "this is here My club now" and 10 minutes later, I had taken my license there... .

In 2017, after spending about 6 years at the Mionnay golf course, my path turned to the club of Cannes Mougins with the possibility of playing the famous Coupe Gounouilhou but that will have been a mistake.

At the beginning of 2018, I was contacted by coach Casey Martin from the famous University of Oregon in Eugene to join their golf team which had won the NCAA final 3 years earlier and was a finalist the following season... Already in advanced contact with the universities of Stanford, UCLA and Illinois for recruitment in 2019, I was convinced to join Oregon in 2018 after a mention Very Good in Bac S SI (Engineering Sciences) obtained at 16 years old...

So the adventure continues in the USA...

2020 I decide to join the Terre Blanche golf course.
In 2017, at 15, I played (and finished 3rd) in the PACA Grand Prix on the Le Château in Terre Blanche and from the first holes I fell in love with this splendid golf course. And what about the training center and hotel facilities... all forming a real gem where I would like to live after university...
And I was right, since we won the Gounouilhou Trophy 2020 with a great team of friends by winning the qualifiers and the final hands down...



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Today I play and train with this golf equipment :

Irons Srixon Z-X7 et ZX Utility





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Here is the story of my gear from my early years of golf, when I started golfing at only 2 years old. This could, perhaps, help some parents...

My AVERAGES in 2021


69.8 score average


Number of birdies


% of fairways hit


% of greens in regulation


4.75 birdies per round

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"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone."
Ronald Reagan

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