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Led by a Tom Guéant who flew over the Pont Royal course (-6), Terre Blanche is in first place after the first day of qualifying - IN FRENCH
Scramble with Nicolas P and Tom (-5 handicap!!) at the Magnificent golf course in Bresson! - IN FRENCH
We play in scramble with TOM GUEANT and LUC - IN FRENCH
USKIDS France supported by Tom Gueant who answers our questions - IN FRENCH
Individual European Championship: After two rounds in the Médoc, Tom Guéant leads the French clan and settles in the top 10 of the European event - IN FRENCH
He is a student at the University of Oregon and won the British Boys 2019... Here is Tom Guéant in the No Limit Interview! - IN FRENCH
Report on France 3 Rhône Alpes after the victory of the British Boys Amateur 2019 - IN FRENCH
Victory for the British Boys Amateur 2019 - A first for a Frenchman in 60 years... - IN ENGLISH
They finished second, find the reactions of Laura Van Respaille and Tom Gueant from 50 seconds - IN FRENCH
Live on Golf Channel USA during the "Annual Western Intercollegiate" tournament at Pasatiempo Golf Club - Santa Cruz Californiaµ. A competition with my University of Oregon team. Final place: 26th - IN ENGLISH
Portrait of Tom Gueant at Aix les Bains golf club, realized by the students of the IUT(UNIVERSITY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY) of Chambéry LP TSI - IN ENGLISH
Tom Gueant at the Mionnay golf course produced by the students of the IUT de Chambéry LP TSI - MUSIC ONLY
Portrait of Tom Gueant at the Aix les Bains golf course by students from the IUT de Chambéry LP TSI - IN FRENCH
Report on the 8 p.m. news on TF1 - IN FRENCH
Report on Tom Gueant: 5 years - IN FRENCH
Tom Gueant 7 y Sport+ - GreenVelvet Megève- IN FRENCH